Champneys in Her Studio

Trying to be real...

I grew up and currently live in Utah and work as a studio assistant for J Kirk Richards. I am continually working on improving and refining my skills as an artist in my little home studio. I have grown in love for classical and impressionistic styles in art and try to portray those concepts in my work. I feel that art can be a source of contemplation and upliftment for everyone. It can help people to feel a special spirit, and even move them to change their lives. I hope to not only create artwork that has a nice look, but also has a beautiful meaning behind it that people can -in their own life and situation- connect to at least in some small way. Life challenges and struggles are real. No way around it. Having gone through quite a few myself I wanted to have an outlet to express how I feel. The reality of the pain and sadness, and the reality of the the hope and the end of the race, the constant presence of joyful things in life that we can CHOOSE to recognize during times of fear or doubt, and the happiness that we can CHOOSE to feel despite times of heartache or sorrow. These concepts are what I hope to portray in my art above all else. I hope you enjoy! :)

-Kayli Champneys